You can use solar fountains in the sun or shade, depending on the availability of sunlight and solar batteries. 

Many customers use solar fountains to attract birds and take a break in the natural setting that surrounds the fountain. If you have found this post before buying a solar fountain, read on because I have resolved all the queries regarding this topic.

Many customers ask whether a solar fountain should be in the sun or shade. I’ll talk about the solar fountain, the working process, and the problems it faces when you keep solar fountains in the sun or shade.

How Do Solar Fountains Function?

The solar fountain works like any other solar device. The solar panels absorb sunlight and generate electricity to run the solar fountain pump, which requires more GPH than normal fountain pumps. In short, if you want to run solar fountains in the shade, you must supply sufficient electricity.

You have a couple of ways to do this; I’ll cover them in this article. 

A question could arise: what can you do to run the solar fountain continuously, even at night? Yes, it is possible to run solar fountains all day long using external batteries and solar panels. To ensure the pump is getting sufficient energy back up, put a battery in place at night.

A solar fountain can be installed in the shade, but you must install the solar panels under direct sunlight.

Should a Solar Fountain be in Sun or Shade?

However, if you own mini solar fountains (suitable for decorative purposes), you cannot operate them in the shade as they have inbuilt solar panels (the black disk). It is not possible to add additional panels or batteries.

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Do Solar Fountains Work in the Shade?

Large solar fountains come with remote solar panels and an electric cord. The length of the cord determines the distance between the panels and the fountain. The length of the cord can range between 9 feet-16 feet, even 32 feet. It allows you to place the fountain in the shade while keeping the solar panels in direct sunlight. You should not keep the solar panels in the shade.

Where Should You Place a Solar Fountain?

You can place a solar fountain anywhere on your premises, but please ensure the solar panels get direct sunlight. You can set up a solar fountain in your drawing room, guest room, garden, or at the entrance of your premises.

However, if you want to install solar panels, install them on your roof, garden or porch. Experts prefer these areas because panels get direct sunlight without any obstruction.

Should You Leave an Outdoor Fountain on All the Time?

Experts recommend leaving the solar fountain on all the time because the product is designed to run all day long. You should not switch it on and off too frequently. However, if you go on a vacation or need maintenance, you can switch off the solar fountains for a few days or hours.

The simplest way to run the solar fountain is by keeping it under direct sunlight, so it runs automatically. Many commercial property owners want to run the system even at night. In that case, you need to install solar batteries so that panels save the energy into the batteries to use at night.

Lastly, many customers ask me whether they can use on-grid power with solar fountains. I do not recommend this because a solar fountain is designed to work with solar energy, which is less powerful than an on-grid power supply. So, if you use traditional electricity for a solar product, it may lead to potential burnout.

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How Long Does It Take a Solar Fountain to Charge?

Mini solar fountains come with inbuilt solar panels, which do not have batteries, so they cannot save power, but long solar fountains allow you to connect external solar panels and batteries. In that case, it depends on the power of the solar panels and the capacity of the batteries.

Generally, I suggest running the fountain all the time, so it does not matter how long it takes to charge the battery because the priority of the panels is to run the system. After that, they save electricity into the batteries to run a fountain pump without sunlight.

Do Solar Fountains Charge in the Shade?

Solar fountains do not charge in the shade, but they can use the reserved power from the battery to run the pump in the absence of sunlight or shade.

If you are using a mini solar fountain, it neither charges nor runs in the shade because it needs direct sunlight and it only runs during the daytime.

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How Much Sun Does a Solar Fountain Need?

Mini solar fountains need sunlight directly because they have inbuilt solar panels, but long solar fountains with external batteries and panels do not need direct sunlight. You can place them in the shade, drawing room, or under the porch, but you have to keep the solar panels connected to the system under sunlight.

Will a Solar Fountain Work on a Cloudy Day?

A solar fountain works on a cloudy day, but panels cannot generate sufficient electricity to run the system in its optimal state. It is better to use solar batteries (reserved power) on a cloudy day to run the system.

Otherwise, it does not run in its optimal state. As a result, it may not look good in the center of your premises. You do not want it, right?

Where Should You Put an Outdoor Fountain?

You can keep an outdoor fountain anywhere you want in your garden. I prefer solar fountains around the entrance or in the middle of the campus to increase the aesthetic quality of your premises.

Outdoor solar fountain attracts birds, allowing you to spend time in the lap of nature. It also increases mental stability and confidence by reducing anxiety and stress in your mind.

Will Solar Floating Water Fountain Work at Night?

A solar floating water fountain will not work at night because most products come with inbuilt solar panels, which need direct sunlight.

However, if you have a floating fountain and want to connect it with external solar panels to run it at night, the fountain might work! However, it needs a huge investment, so you must consult an expert before installing such costly decorations on your premises.

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