Not only you! Many car manufacturers are also worried about this question! If you have read thousands of articles online, please consider my view as well because I am going to keep my views and suggestions in a very simple and lucid way so that if you are reading this for the first time, you can read this post within 5 minutes. 

As the popularity of electric cars (EVs) continues to grow, many car buyers are considering whether EVs last longer than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. On the other hand, the manufacturers are also trying to meet the customers’ expectations. 

Interesting Facts for Electric Car vs. Regular Car

To further support the argument that EVs can last longer than traditional vehicles, here are a few more facts to consider:

  • According to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the lifespan of an EV battery is estimated to be over 15 years, even with regular use. It is longer than the lifespan of most traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.
  • Another study by the University of California, Davis found that Electric vehicles with fast charging facilities can receive an 80% charge in about 20 minutes.
  • The lack of engine and transmission parts in EVs means there is less to go wrong, which can help reduce the need for repairs and maintenance over time.
  • EVs are built with more efficiency and better aerodynamics to extend their lifespan and reduce the need for repairs and maintenance.
  • Regular maintenance and repairs are still important for EVs, like any other vehicle.

Let’s understand some key points, and I’ll make the final decision!

Do Electric Cars Last Longer than Regular Cars

EV vs. Regular Car: Moving Parts

One of the main reasons why EVs are believed to last longer than traditional vehicles is because they have fewer moving parts. Traditional gasoline-powered vehicles have a complex engine system, which is prone to degradation over time. It leads to various issues, from oil leaks to engine failure.

In contrast, EVs have a much simpler and easier-to-understand system. The main two parts are:

The Electric Motor 

It powers the wheels and is much simpler and more reliable than a traditional engine. 

The EV Batteries 

Batteries last longer, around 8-15 years. It means the system has fewer parts to degrade over time, making an EV car less prone to problems and more likely to last longer.

Electric Car vs. Regular Car: Battery Life

The battery segment is one of the most important components of an EV, as it is what powers the vehicle and allows it to run for miles without the need for gasoline.

One of the concerns that many people have about EVs is the lifespan of their batteries. However, the latest EV batteries are long-lasting. In fact, many manufacturers offer warranties on their batteries for eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. It means that the battery should last for many years, even with regular use.

In fact, some studies have shown that EV batteries can last for over 15 years. The battery charges and regularly discharges, which helps to keep it in good condition over time.

On the other hand, regular cars also need batteries, but these batteries are not as important as EVs.

Regular Car vs. EV Car: Maintenance and Repairs

EVs need maintenance and repairs, but these are generally cheaper than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

The Most Important Difference

For example, EVs do not need regular oil changes, as there is no oil in the drivetrain. They also do not need regular tune-ups, as the electric motor is much simpler and more reliable than a traditional engine.

Durability: EV Vehicle vs. Gasoline Car 

Another factor to consider is the durability of EVs because they are designed to be driven more efficiently and environmentally friendly, so they are more durable and resistant.

For example, EVs come with high-quality materials, such as lightweight and strong composite materials, which are more resistant to damage than traditional materials. They also often have better aerodynamics, which helps to reduce wind resistance and improve fuel efficiency.

In addition, because EVs do not produce as much heat as traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, they are less likely to experience problems with overheating. It means that they are less likely to suffer from problems such as engine failure, which can be a major issue with traditional vehicles.

Resale Value: Electric Car vs. Gasoline Car

Finally, we need to consider the longevity of EVs in terms of resale value. The resale value of a vehicle is an important consideration for many car buyers, as it can greatly impact the overall cost of ownership.

In general, EVs have a good resale value due to high demand. However, it will depend on factors such as the condition of your vehicle, the model, and its demand. For example, a well-maintained EV with good battery life is likely to have a higher resale value than one poorly maintained and with shorter battery life.

electric cars vs gasoline cars

The resale value of electric vehicles is not good because the engine and other components have degraded over time. As the world is moving to greener energy, I think you will get the good resale value of regular gasoline cars. 

My Opinion on Electric Car vs. Regular Car

From the facts, you understand EVs last longer than traditional vehicles. R&D teams and engineers prove it. However, I think EV must be a secondary car if you buy an EV at a lower budget. Tesla cars are different! 

If you are buying an EV at the price of a traditional car, you may need to compromise on quality. As a result, the components degrade quickly over time, and the car will not be suitable for long-distance travel. Please consider it as well before buying a car for your family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens to Electric Cars after 8 Years?

After eight years, many people believe the battery and other components of electric cars will degrade. Still, you can use your electric car even after eight years with proper maintenance and driving. 

Do Electric Cars Last Longer than Regular Cars?

With fewer components and better battery backup, electric cars last longer than regular cars. The world is moving towards greener energy, so if you are going to buy a new car, you should consider the eco-friendly option. 

Is It Better to Buy a Petrol or Electric Car?

Buying a car depends on your needs. Electric cars are generally more costly than petrol cars, so if you have a tight budget, you can consider a petrol car. Otherwise, if you want to buy a costly car with an installment payment, I recommend finding a green alternative with a higher resale value. 

Are Electric Cars Better than Normal Cars?

Electric cars are better than normal cars, especially when you want a car for short-distance travel. Generally, EVs can be costly because of high upfront costs, but you can save money in the long run with less maintenance.

Do Electric Cars Last Longer than Regular Cars?

Eclectic cars generally last longer than regular cars, but it depends on maintenance and driving habits. Electric cars come with fewer components that need less maintenance. Moreover, there is less chance of component degradation, so EVs generally last longer. 

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