Water features cannot work at night due to the lack of intense sunlight. You must use solar batteries at night to run solar water feature fountains. 

First understand the working process of solar water fountains. The system works in the same way as any other solar product. However, a high-powered pump can make a big difference.

Solar water feature fountains require a flow rate of 500 GPH to 2000 GPH. The solar panels use silicon photovoltaic cells to produce power in direct sunlight. They cannot produce enough power without sunlight. You can still run the system with a battery backup.

Electric Fountain vs. Solar Fountain

Many people are unsure whether to buy an electric or solar fountain. This article will provide a clear answer.

Electric fountains, as the name implies, use on-grid electricity, whereas solar fountains rely on solar power. Each product has its pros and cons.

On-grid electricity can be more powerful than solar power. It is not recommended to use solar products connecting an electric power source.


Are Solar Water Features Effective at Night


Many online resources suggest that you use an on-grid power supply without sunlight. It allows you to continue using the fountain even at night. However, solar fountains are not made to work with on-grid power, so it may lead to burnout and overheating.

The Main Benefit of Solar Powered Water Fountains 

It is an environmentally friendly solution that does not emit greenhouse gases like electric power supply, which uses coal energy.

Electric Fountain’s Main Benefit

The system can be run at any time. It does not need sunlight or seasons, unlike a solar fountain. While solar items might not work on cloudy winter days, you can still use electric items.

This is why electric fountains are so popular. You should consider switching to solar products if you are looking for an environmentally friendly, renewable product.



ROI is the most important difference. This does not mean that you should buy low-quality products. However, a branded solar fountain can save you a lot of money over the course of a year, especially for commercial properties such as restaurants or lodging.

Can I Use Battery Power Backup at Night?

You can use your battery backup to power your solar fountain at night. However, you have to buy long solar fountains because mini solar-powered water fountains do not have the functionality. You can also buy a solar battery to connect to your system.

It is possible to use the battery backup to provide power to the entire area if you wish to add LED lights to the space. These LED lights must be connected to the battery.

Can I Use On-Grid Electricity to Power a Solar Fountain at Nighttime?


Using on-grid electricity for a solar fountain that runs at night is not advisable.

Coal electricity is stronger than solar. It is not able to adapt to higher power inputs. The system will only run for a few minutes, but you can easily detect when the system is overheated. So, you should not use on-grid electricity. It can cause burnout or complete system damage.



If you are looking for renewable energy alternatives, I recommend that you only purchase solar fountains. It also saves you money on your utility bills, which is more than what you pay. It means you get the product “free of cost.” However, it may not be worth the cost if you only need the system to operate at night, then an electric fountain is a better choice.

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