Electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly popular due to their eco-friendliness. Before buying an EV, most customers think about the battery’s performance. Indeed, if you are one of them, read this post because I am going to tell you 10 effective ways to revive dead EV car batteries. Moreover, if you have already purchased an EV bike or car a few years back and you are facing battery degradation, this post is going to solve your issues. Before spending thousands of dollars on a new battery, spend ten minutes reading this post.

Perform a Deep Discharge of Your EV Battery

One of the most common reasons for EV battery failure is a shallow discharge cycle. Over time, it leads to a buildup of sulfate crystals on the battery plates, which reduces the battery’s capacity. Perform a deep discharge cycle, which involves fully discharging the battery until the vehicle stops working and then recharging it fully.

Repeat this process a few times to break down the sulfate crystals and improve the battery’s capacity. It works amazingly!

Effective Ways to Revive Dead EV Car Batteries

Use a Battery Conditioner

A battery conditioner is a device that helps to restore the battery’s capacity by breaking down any sulfate crystals that have formed on the battery plates.

These devices work by applying a high-frequency pulse to the battery, which helps to break down the sulfate crystals and restore the battery’s capacity. Indeed, it is a complex process, and I highly recommend you consult an expert for conducting this method.

Use a Desulfator for Reviving the Dead EV Battery

A desulfator is another device that helps to revive a dead EV battery by breaking down sulfate crystals. It works by applying a high-voltage pulse to the battery, which helps to dissolve the sulfate crystals and restore the battery’s capacity. If you do not have experience and knowledge doing such things, hire an expert for this task.

Charge the Battery Slowly

Charging a dead battery too quickly may cause it to overheat. To revive a dead EV battery, you must charge it slowly. Use a low-amperage charger for charging the battery for a few days. Indeed, if you have the charger, you can do this on your own.

Use a High-quality Charger for Your EV Battery

Using a high-quality charger helps to revive a dead EV battery by providing a more precise charge, which is recommended for your battery. Moreover, such a charger also prevents overcharging and overheating.

Clean the Battery Terminals

Cleaning the battery terminals is another effective way to revive dead EV car batteries. Over time, the battery terminals become corroded, which prevents the battery from charging properly. To clean the terminals, do the following:

  • Start by removing the battery from the vehicle and disconnecting it from the charger.
  • Then, using a mixture of baking soda and water, scrub the terminals with a wire brush or steel wool.
  • Rinse the terminals with water and dry them thoroughly before reconnecting the battery to the charger. (do not connect it without drying).

These simple steps improve the connection between the battery and charger. As a result, you can expect better performance from your EV battery.

Check the Battery’s State of Charge Regularly

Regularly checking the battery’s state of charge helps to maintain optimized performance from your EV batteries. Do not let the battery discharge completely until necessary.

Store the Battery Properly

Do you want better performance from your EV battery? Always store the battery properly if it is not used. It prevents degradation and extends its lifespan. You should store it in a cool, dry palace and always maintain a partial state of charge.

Replace the Battery Cells

Replacing the EV car battery cells is the most complex process, so I have decided to write it at last. You MUST consult an expert because it needs experience, knowledge, and industry-grade equipment.

The process involves opening up the battery pack, identifying the damaged cells, and replacing them with new, properly functioning cells. While this method can be expensive, it is often more cost-effective than replacing the entire battery pack.

Replace the Battery

Lastly, if all the above methods fail, it may be necessary to replace the battery. While it can be expensive, consult a local certified car technician for personalized suggestions. One of the local teams will check the battery and recommend the best method for reviving or replacing the battery.

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