Water features are a great way to decorate your commercial premises, especially restaurants and lodgings. Many people prefer to use LED lights or solar strings to decorate their water features. Indeed, solar lights are a great investment because you do not need to spend the maintenance costs and electricity bills, but you can use them 24/7 after connecting them to solar batteries. In this article, I will tell you how to use regular solar lights to light up a water feature.

Is Solar Lights Worth It?

First, let me tell you about the differences between solar and electric lights. Please remember that solar lights and electric lights are two different items, and you cannot use any of the items with alternative electricity because solar power is not as powerful as coal electricity. If you use solar products with an on-grid power supply, it leads to overheating and burnout. In my opinion, solar lights are far better than electric lights because it saves money in the long run by saving your electricity bills. That means you will get the product free of cost, and it lasts up to 10 years.

Can I Use Outdoor Solar String Lights to Power My Water Fountain?

You can use solar lights with a water fountain by connecting them with solar batteries. If you like to install solar panels, then the batteries will be charged during the daytime, and they will supply the electricity in the absence of sunlight. However, in winter or cloudy areas, solar lights may not be a great choice. Still, if you do not have a solar fountain, you can use solar lights with electric fountains. Do you want to learn more about it? Read our dedicated article on it.

How to Use Regular Solar Lights for Lighting up a Water Feature

Can I Use a Solar Panel that Comes with String Lights on the Fountain Pump?

You cannot use solar panels that come with the string lights on a fountain pump because the pump needs more energy to run the system than solar lights. Even in winter and cloudy areas, you can use solar lights with less intensity of sunlight, but you may not operate the water fountain pump. That means if you are living in winter or cloudy areas and want to save electricity bills, you can install solar batteries, panels, and lights but use electric pumps to run the system at a lower cost.

Do you want to learn more about solar fountains? Read our ultimate guide of solar fountains with 70+ FAQs to solve all your queries.

How to Use Regular Solar Lights for Lighting up a Water Feature?

To get the most out of solar lights, you need to understand different types of lighting and their effects on the audience.

Suggestion 1: Find the Angle of the Lighting

The first step is to choose the right angle for your lighting. You want your lighting to highlight the water feature but not overwhelm it. Excessive direct lighting can distract the guests from the object.

You can get the best results by setting the lighting away from the main viewing points of the fountain. If you do not know about the right viewing angles, please watch YouTube videos or block the lights with rocks and plants.

Suggestion 2: Find the Location of the LEDs

It is important to choose a location for outdoor lighting around the fountain. Generally, LEDs should be installed in such an area where the hardware is not visible, but the light is clearly visible. You need to make sure that the fountains are accessible for cleaning and maintenance. There are four angles of lighting. You can consider any/all of the followings:

Style 1: Downlighting

Hidden downlights are a great way to decorate the fountains. The lights are usually hidden in the fountains but observe the reflections of lights on the fountain.

Style 2: Spotlights

Spotlights need to be set above the water feature. The light can be directed to the water by placing it around the fountain. You can use different colors to create mesmerizing lighting effects for the guests.

Style 3: Up lighting

Up lighting is an excellent way to make a beautiful waterfall feature look great. This type of lighting is great for waterfalls, as it makes the feature visible and diffuses light to create a stunning effect.

Style 4: Submersible Lights

Submersible lighting is another option for fountains or ponds. These lights will make your fountain and pond more visible, especially at night. To be effective, submersible lighting must be bright, which diffuses the lights.

Suggestion 3: Keep the Design Simple

Too much lighting may not be good for decoration. Excessive light can also distract your guests. Please make sure you are using minimum lights and set them at appropriate angles to enhance the overall look.

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