Beauty is a Light in the Heart – Aimforcent


Beauty is not on the face, beauty is a light in the heart – Aimforcent


It is the definition of ‘motherhood’. This virtue is always in the heart of a woman. She may not be physically beautiful but she must have this inner beauty. 

She is there for each and every member of her family. A woman should keep a balance between her family and profession.
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Beauty Lies in the Heart of a Woman


 Lets, talk about it in detail-

1. What is the meaning of ‘beauty’?

Beauty is nothing but a process of creating a good impression in the eyes of the beholder. It depends totally on beholders but we misinterpret it as a virtue of good human beings. 

Beauty is not an asset, it is the use of this good nature which is an asset.  Beauty is very similar to the meaning of superiority when we say ‘beautiful heart’, ‘beautiful soul’,’ beautiful landscape’. But, suddenly it changes its meaning when we say ‘beautiful looks’.

2. Why inner beauty is treated as superior to physical beauty?

Inner beauty is all-pervasive. It means all virtues of the world. Physical beauty is very materialistic. One who has an only material interest will go for physical beauty.  

On the other hand, inner beauty is spiritualistic. All women are ‘mother’ but all men are not ‘father’. 

Motherhood is the biggest virtue and most powerful force of human being. Moreover, it has the power to give birth to the energy called ‘human’ and to nourish this energy and give a complete bodily form of a human being. 
Only the female can do it. They have the instinct of a mother. A woman can do anything for her child and for her nearer and dearer ones. This motherhood lies in their heart. So Inner beauty is treated as a superior force than physical beauty.

If you agree with my view, please share your thoughts on ‘motherhood’.

Thank You.

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