Importance of Marks and Knowledge in Our Society


Importance of Marks and Knowledge in Our Society

Marks Knowledge in our society

Marks vs Knowledge

It is a very common question for an adult mind; which is more important? Marks/Degree or Ability/ Knowledge. It is very hard to answer. In our society people are not similar in their attitude to exams. 

The examination is a part and parcel of a human being. So how can I say that it is not important? But is it the most important part of your carrier? I am going to discuss this step by step in this section. First, you have to know about

Marks and Knowledge in our society

Marks vs Knowledge

The relation between Marks and Degree.

Most of the students think these two similar for the sake of this kind of argument. But there is a subtle difference. Do you know the difference between the first boy and the last boy in the class? 

Yes, there is a vast difference of the marks (not always knowledge); but they have passed the exam, so they have a similar degree. In the end, to be shortlisted for an interview you need a degree.

The relation between Knowledge and Ability.

Knowledge is the initial stage of ability. But ability in true sense means how expert one is in his field. As I said earlier the last boy also can have knowledge and ability but he is the last boy because he has only poor marks. 

You can get knowledge from your ancestors, online or from private guidance; then you may not have a degree but you have knowledge as well as ability. Now how can you judge yourself? Yes, really critical to judge.

Some factors that you have to keep in mind are

You cannot deny the impact of society on you. Generally, marks are valued more than knowledge. But these are the common people of a society who judge like this. 

When you go for an interview, you can see the reality; there your ability, knowledge, and experience are valued most. None bother about your marks and degree. 

Yes, the degree is an important factor. You cannot seat for further exam or attain any interview without a certain degree. 

But, marks are valued less because there are many online, open institution you will give you degree and knowledge. If you work on your knowledge, you can have the ability to perform better than other students.

Generally, it is a common sense that brilliant student has high marks as well as more knowledge. But, he cannot get a job if he is lazy, lack of experience or demands a high price. 

On the other hand, a student with a poor academic background can get a job if he has the curiosity of knowledge, vast experience and demands less money. 

Industries are always looking for fresh talent in less money. There, every student with an equal degree and equal ability, have an equal chance of getting selected.


In conclusion, you can understand from this discussion that ‘academy’ and ‘industry’ have two different approaches. 

Here, I am not concern about Government jobs as it has a totally different approach to selection. 95% of candidates depend on a private job as a profession. 

In private industries, the only thing that matter most is your ability and mentality. I can assure you that you can get a good job without having a sound academic background if you have the ability in a special field. 

Just choose your field and work on that from your childhood. Many sportspeople have worked on their field to perform better. 

A similar approach can be found for a creative artist. Just choose your favourite field and work on it. But yes, remember a certain level of education is very important.

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