Are you interested in buying an electric car? Do you know that an electric car, if parked for a long time, decreases overall performance?

Do you know it is a myth? Indeed, it is true that parked cars consume some energy from the battery due to music, LEDs, and air conditioners. Still, it is less than 1% of the overall battery consumption, so it is not an important factor in considering buying an EV.

How Long Can You Leave an Electric Car Parked

Factors that Affect the Electric Car Performance when Parked

However, some significant FACTORS influence the battery performance even when the car is parked. Do you want to learn more about such facts? Please read this post.

Battery Charge Level

The state of charge of an electric car battery is a crucial factor when it comes to parking the vehicle for an extended period. When an electric car is parked, its battery gradually loses its charge over time due to self-discharge. The rate of self-discharge varies depending on the temperature, age, and capacity of the battery. Experts suggest maintaining a battery charge level of 40%-60% when parked. It is true that a fully charged battery will take longer to reach a low state of charge. In contrast, if the battery is at a low state of charge, it will self-discharge more quickly.

Environmental Conditions

The environmental conditions in your locality also affect the EV’s performance. Extreme hot/cold temperatures impact the battery’s performance and cause it to degrade more quickly. Moreover, exposure to sunlight damages the vehicle’s exterior and interior components. So you should remember it as well!

Parasitic Loads

Parasitic loads refer to the energy consumed by the car’s electronic systems and accessories. It is true that these accessories drain the battery over time, reducing its overall capacity.

How Long Can You Leave an Electric Car Parked?

The amount of time that you can leave an electric car parked depends on several factors, such as the state of charge of the battery, the environmental conditions, and the parasitic loads.

Generally, you can leave an electric car parked for a few weeks to a few months without damaging the battery or other components.

If you have read other posts on electric cars, you often find advice like ‘electric cars are designed for use.’ It means if you park the car for a long time (a few months or years), you should find a deterioration in overall performance. However, you can follow the below suggestions to preserve the optimal performance of electric vehicles.

Tips for Preserving an Electric Car Battery when Parked

However, you should take some precautions to ensure that the vehicle remains in good condition during this time.

Store the Car under a Shade

One of the best ways to preserve the battery life of your electric car is to store the vehicle under a shade. It will lower the self-discharge rate of the battery. I understand it is not always possible to find a parking area under a shade, so at least park the car in your garage when not in use.

Keep the Battery Charged

Keeping the battery charged is another essential factor in preserving the battery life of an electric car when parked. Please keep the battery charged at around 50% to 70% of its capacity when storing the vehicle for a few weeks. It will help to prevent the battery from becoming too depleted or overcharged.

Disconnect the Battery for a Few Days

If you plan to leave your electric car parked for a few months, it is a good idea to disconnect the battery to prevent parasitic loads from draining it. However, disconnecting the battery may also cause some electronic systems to reset, so be prepared to reprogram any settings.

Use a Battery Maintainer

If you do not disconnect the battery, another way to keep the battery charged is to use a battery maintainer. It is a device designed to maintain the battery’s charge and prevent it from self-discharging too quickly. It can be useful if you plan to leave your electric car parked for a long time.

Follow the above suggestions to optimize the performance even when your electric car is parked. Do you want to learn more about electric vehicles? Please read my other posts too:

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