Smart Tips on How to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun


It is a question for almost all customers. How can you charge solar lights without the sun? We all know that a panel needs 8 hours to get a full charge. However, today, I am going to tell you how to charge the battery without the sun.


You can use artificial light or a mirror to charge the solar lanterns without the sun. It would be best if you had a mirror that is twice the size of your solar panel. You can also use incandescent bulbs as an alternative to sunlight. All these processes are very effective and simple.


Before I begin, I must tell you something; Please remember all these techniques are not the solutions or alternatives to the ‘real’ charging. You need sunlight to charge your battery properly. Moreover, these techniques are not ‘permanent solutions. These gadgets are made to charge with sunlight. Moreover, I am very careful with my phrasing; I use the word ‘ideas’ and not ‘techniques.’


Here I am going to tell you six ideas to charge your solar panel, even at night.



How To Charge Solar Lights Without Sun


1. Clean Solar Panels

You must clean the dirt from your solar panel before using any of these ideas. That is why it is my first point. Please remember, you have to utilize clean and fresh water to scrub the dirt. Please do not use detergent because it may damage the panel.






2. Charging Battery Using Mirrors

If your solar panel is placed underneath a shadow, and you cannot move it. In this case, you have to use mirrors to reflect the sunlight. However, the mirrors should be twice the size of the panel to increase the intensity of the sun.


Yes, you need sunlight for this. This technique is effective during winter.


3. Artificial Lamps

You can utilize artificial household solar lamps to recharge it even at night. As you have assumed, it is not as effective as sunlight. Still, it works. I used it twice. Learn this process, but do not overuse it. Please remember, this is only an ‘alternative.’


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4. Using Incandescent Bulb

This process is almost similar to the previous one. You can recharge a solar panel using powerful floodlights or incandescent bulbs.




charge solar lights without sun



5. LED Lights

LEDs are the most affordable and powerful bulbs. It uses the latest technology. You can charge it using LED lights. I have used it many times.


It was a rainy day, and there was no sunlight to recharge my solar lamp. I used this affordable technique at that time. I felt it takes too long to recharge the battery.


It took almost 14 hours to recharge the battery. It is quite a long time. Solar light usually takes 8 hours.


6. Move the Panel or Solar Light

For panels, you should set it East facing, and for solar light, you can move it anytime you want. You should keep the product under sunlight for at least 8 hours. Again, I am emphasizing the point; your first priority should be to utilize sunlight for charging the product.


7. Use Solar Batteries

The best way to resolve this issue is to install solar batteries. You can connect it with solar panels. The batteries will charge during the daytime and supply energy to your home-based solar system at night. The above six are kinds of DIYs but using solar batteries is the genuine solution to this issue.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Solar Lights Stay on at Night?

Solar lights stay at night for almost 8 hours. The product needs 8 hours of charging for effective results. That means you can use it for at least 8 hours at night with 8 hours charging under sunlight.


The lights can be used for residential and commercial purposes such as in the garden, garage, driveway, aviation light, bus terminus, and balcony.


How Do You Charge Solar Lights Without the Sun?

There are many ways to recharge solar light without the sun.

You can use mirrors over your panel to reflect the sunlight.


  • Use artificial lamps.
  • Use LED bulbs

Moreover, this article is dedicated to providing you with ideas on this topic.  


Do You Need Direct Sunlight to Charge Solar Lights?

You need direct sunlight to recharge solar light. It should be your first priority. In many cases, people use LED bulbs, artificial lamps, and mirrors to charge without sunlight. These products are made to recharge with sunlight.

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