The solar fountain can be used in the shade but must be kept under direct sunlight.

The fountain allows birds to relax in the natural surroundings of the fountain. You can read more blogs about solar fountains if you are interested. Many people have the same question: Will solar fountains work in the shade? Yes. It is possible to use it in the shade.

I will tell you about the solar fountain and its problems in the shade. 

How Do Solar Fountains Work?

The solar fountain functions just like any other solar product. The solar panel captures sunlight and produces electricity. The pump generates enough electricity to power the fountain. It requires more GPH than regular fountain pumps. It cannot push water efficiently if it is not exposed to sunlight.

Now one question may come to mind, how can you run the solar fountain 24/7? Yes, you can run long solar fountains 24/7 with the help of external solar panels and batteries. To provide enough power backup, you can install solar batteries at night.

A solar fountain can be used in the shade, which is a good thing. A fountain with remote solar panels is a better choice.

However, if you have mini solar fountains (suitable for decoration), you cannot run them in the shade because it has built-in panels (the black disk). You cannot add external panels and batteries. 


Will a Solar Fountain Work in the Shade

Why Should You Not Keep the Solar Panels in the Shade?


You should not purchase small fountains if you need to place them under a shade. You can also switch to electric fountains that use an on-grid power supply.

What is the Best Time to Keep the Solar Panel in Shade?


Large solar fountains work with remote solar panels and a cord. The cord length will determine the distance between the solar panels and the fountain. The cord length can vary from 9 to 16 feet or 32 feet. It allows you to place the fountain in the shade and install solar panels under direct sunlight. You can decorate your fountain using solar LED lights if you have the budget.


Do Solar Panels Work in the Shade?

Solar panels will not work in the shade if they do not get enough sunlight. Sometimes they may not work in winter or on cloudy days due to lack of sunlight. 

Many people think solar panels use the heat of sunlight to generate electricity, but it is a wrong concept. The silicon PV cells use sunlight (not heat) to start the flow of electrons from negative to positive nodes- it generates electricity.  

If the panels get enough sunlight, they will run the system efficiently. 

Do Solar Powered Water Fountains Come with Wires?

Generally, mini solar fountains do not come with wires, but long solar-powered water fountains come with wires to install external solar panels with the system. The cord can be 9 feet, 16 feet, or 32 feet long. 


Before I summarize the article, let me tell you about the importance of pumps and panels.


Solar Panels and Pumps are Essential

Two important components of the system are pumps and panels. These two components are essential to ensure that the system works efficiently. If the pump does not receive enough power from solar panels, it may not function properly. The panels will not work if there is not enough sunlight. Before installing a solar fountain in your home, consult an expert.

Branded fountains are best for commercial and residential use. To cut production costs, manufacturers make low-quality solar products. These products do not meet customer expectations.

Solar fountains outdoor can be a great investment. I encourage others to make the same decision. If you have any questions about the product, please comment below. 

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