Renewable energy is a sustainable energy source, and artificial intelligence (AI) can take it to a new level!

There is no doubt about it!

With decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption, the world is shifting towards renewable energy sources. Solar energy must be the first choice because it offers a portable, uninterrupted power supply. The unprotected and continuous use of non-renewable energy sources has created a lot of issues for the world! From global warming to pollution- it has its influence on every aspect.

Why is Artificial Intelligence a Game Changer for Renewable Energy

How can you control the energy sources more efficiently?

Here Artificial Intelligence (AI and Machine Learning (ML) play a crucial role. The rise of new technologies like IoT, ML, and AI has also played a role in growing the use and dependence on renewable energy sources.

In this blog, I am going to tell you about the role of AI and machine learning and how they can influence solar energy or other renewable energy sources.

First, let’s look at the definition.

What is Renewable Energy?

Energy is the capacity to work and cannot be made or destroyed. It only transforms from one form to another. Based on the concept of energy sources, it is divided into two categories: renewable and non-renewable. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy because solar panels TRANSFORM sunlight into energy. However, wind and hydro energy are also renewable, but these power plants need high upfront costs.

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How Can AI and Machine Learning Make Solar Energy More Reliable?

How Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Help Drive the Future of Energy?

AI is essential in managing solar or renewable energy resources using real-time data and forecasts to optimize the grid, energy storage, maintenance, cost reduction, and sustainability.

How is AI Changing the Energy Sector?

In the last decades, the solar industry has become integral to our life. Now all types of solar products are available in the market. It is, therefore, essential to have stable and efficient grids to accommodate the demand. AI and machine learning can automate the process by reducing the risk of power failure. Do you want to learn more about How AI is used in the solar system? Read the following:

Track Real-time Data

AI and its tools enable real-time data to identify potential risks. The data is gathered using sensors for tracking solar energy generation, storage, and consumer behavior.

Satellite images and drone cameras are utilized as data. The AI algorithms analyze the data to predict capacities and downtimes. It ensures the energy grids are stable.

Well-informed and Accurate Short-term Decision

The AI interpretation of data allows operators to optimize the use of power grids by adapting activities and consumer behavior, grid failure, weather conditions, and many other aspects. The best part is that an algorithm or Artificial Intelligence predicts accurate decisions! (It is impossible for us to predict like this)

Overall, it helps to make well-informed short-term decisions to improve the system and user experience. At the same time, it increases the efficiency of the hardware and reduces unnecessary costs.

How Could AI Solve Our Renewable Energy Problem?

I have already told you about the power of AI and its decision-machine functionalities. The algorithms depend on the collected data to forecast accurately.

For example, it stores the user behavior of a certain area at a particular time, power consumption, and many other aspects. Later it can predict the future power consumption of the residents. However, algorithms must consider all the changes (between the period of data collection and prediction), such as a change in population density, change in equipment, behaviors in a certain situation, etc.

Now, AI can accurately predict the demand-supply and helps reduce production costs. It also determines the period when customers mostly need energy. It is a major factor in directing the storage of the same and giving flexibility to demand.

Energy Storage

If you are ever wondering How does AI help solar energy?

Then the biggest facility is the solving of energy storage issues. The batteries for energy storage are not easy to activate, but AI makes it possible to activate them quickly to control peak energy demand times. These decisions are backed by predictive power algorithms and their capability to process real-time data.

Maintenance and Recovery

Another significant element of Artificial Intelligence is the maintenance of both software and equipment. AI can instantly detect issues in equipment and bugs in the software. It helps the power control service provider to identify the root cause of such an issue.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Energy Efficiency?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enhance solar energy resource efficiency. It can identify the number of solar panels, power consumption, and capacity of batteries to meet the customers’ needs. It also helps to identify the best place to install such hardware for better optimization.

What are the Key Challenges of AI in the Energy Sector?

There are several instances where the effectiveness of AI and ML cannot be utilized effectively. I do not say disadvantages or drawbacks because such LIMITATIONS can be resolved in the next decades. Some of the limitations are:

Lack of a Theoretical Foundation

Lack of knowledge, theoretical foundations, and data prevent companies from adopting AI technologies. Many companies do not have the proper tools and resources to effectively utilize all the functionalities. So, the benefits from AI cannot be realized in all the segments of different industries.

Insufficient Experts

In contrast to traditional operations, AI requires skilled workers that are well-versed in its technology and its benefits. AI is under development, so only a few experts are available to implement the direct use of AI in actual operational processes. It means that the application of AI is not widespread.

Technical Maintenance

Management of AI is an extremely technological process requiring the right management techniques and tools.

The storage of data and its appropriate usage is a difficult task. AI and its technology are frequently faced with an issue of ‘unauthorized’ access to such data, loss of data system, and technical issues.

Lack of Finance

It is not a secret that implementing Artificial Intelligence, and the associated technology is costly! The energy industry is already having financial difficulties. Renewable energy is an ideal option but finding a cost-effective way of doing such things is tough. Most companies do not want to invest their money in AI development.

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