10 Inspirational Thoughts and Quotes for Students

This article is not only for students but also for all the educators, teachers, parents. This article is mainly a suggestion for advance level students but for basic level students. I have included great thoughts and inspirational quotes for students
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Students are the future of a country. This type of lines is being used to inspire the aura of students.

This is not only a concern for the students but also for the teachers and parents.

#1    How can we motivate students?

Students needed different types of motivation not like the previous generations. In the previous generation, the motto was like you need to get a job, get married otherwise you cannot live a happy life or leave a happy life. Isn’t it?

Now, students need inspiration because they are confused, they don’t know how to deal with it. 

They are going through the above motivational speeches, but students need contemporary motivations.
Speeches and quotes of eminent person are famous for inspiration. Indeed, they are good. But students need motivation for their situation.

Inspirational Quotes for Students
Inspirational Quotes for Students

At first, we need to know-

Why they need motivation? How can we inspire them?

1. Competition

As I said, they need inspiration because they are confused. They are under a rat race because the best friend of a student may also be his/her competitor in the class. So, how they can make a good bonding.

Remember, the saying of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom”.  

Maybe because, they can separate themselves from this rat race, maybe they can separate themselves from the rot learning of some schools and keep themselves alive for practical experience of their lives. 

Or maybe they are more creative. There are plenty of reasons behind this famous line.

So, now do you need to be a backbencher? Not necessarily. Actually, you need to acquire the value of those backbenchers’ lives. Know them properly. 

Even, I was the first bencher. Most of the time, other students show disrespect towards the last bench students. 

Why? Because they are not good enough in overall ‘school performance’ or is it a fit of jealousy that they can exclude themselves from this typical rat race? It is very ironical.

2. Lack of knowledge

Students generally have a lack of knowledge and understanding of their aim behind a study. 

Most of the students even don’t know about the new streams and scopes of the job. It creates confusion among them. So, they are studying in the main streams and get stuck at the end. 

Suddenly, they realize, there are many other better stream which is unknown to them for lack of guidance. I think this is the most common cause. 

Actually, I can’t blame them, they have a lack of knowledge for their future; only because they are not mature enough. It is normal and they think about it only when they face problems.

Only then, a student understands the futility of such a rat race and the importance of Kalam Sir’s speech.

Think about the Utopian concept in school where students and teachers are thinking about the future of students and point out their skills and knowledge of each and every student along with their final mark sheets that students can decide what to do in their future?

Only then, a low scoring mark sheet should have a high value for the students and their future.  Isn’t it a good idea?

Think about the school where teachers are fond of giving examples from their life rather than textbooks of another person.
The person who has written this maybe has a piece of knowledge, even teachers are very qualified so they should have maybe. So, why not teachers take that role of teaching a practical, real-life education?
Though, in many countries, this system is well established in their education system.

3. Lack of guidance

Another important problem is the lack of appropriate guidance. In different sports, coaches have to play a vital role. For students’ life also a particular and a guideline is important and that should come from a real knowledgeable person. 

There are many councilors are available, so you have to choose wisely. To go for counselling is an important step taken in many foreign countries. 


However, it is not so popular here. Please, take these steps for your child and if you are a student, do it for your own future. Know, different studies available in your country.

Surely, it is tough for a student to know everything, and it is a wise step to go to a doctor when you are ill before it turns out to be a severe disease.

If you choose any creative line, then learn this from a reputed trainer. Yes, I know everyone is not so lucky to have a sound financial condition. 

But my suggestion is if you have a dream and if you want to achieve that dream like a fish out of water then you should invest your money in a safe place. You should go to a reputed trainer.

Take a small step for it, go to a reputed trainer of your locality. Start with a small investment. You need a basic to gain higher knowledge.



Inspirational Quotes for Students
Inspirational Quotes for Students


4. Lack of job

This is the time when you need an education. Though when you are applying for a job, so you are not a student. Still, I think I need to mention here. To solve this issue the previous steps are very important. 

In the mainstream, competition is very high. In mainstream private job maybe you get a job, but a salary could be too low. So, better to choose a new streamline.  I think after that you don’t need inspiration


Lack of enjoyment and entertainment and energy: 3Es: Now a day’s students are frustrated for their situation. No time for playing outdoor games. 

They take the taste of it by playing video games. It entertains them but it wastes a lot of energy for their future. It makes them mentally weak. These 3Es are very essential to lead a healthy and happy life.

  • Solution

Now, the solution is in your hand. Inspiration comes from inside you. You are the one who can inspire you, who can lead you in the right ways by taking the right decisions. 

We are here to change your thought process or point of view.No quotes, no stories can motivate you unless you change your thinking. 



Inspirational Quotes for Students
Inspirational Quotes for Students

For basic level readers, I am including some quotes below-

1.    Student life is the seed of your life. Plant it wisely.

Inspirational Quotes for Students
Inspirational Quotes for Students



2.    Many friends will come and go, but school friends are one who stays beside you for a long time.

Inspirational Quotes for Students
Inspirational Quotes for Students



3.    Learn from your friends, learn from your teachers, it is the age of learning.

Inspirational Quotes for Students
Inspirational Quotes for Students



4.    College life is the best life, you have freedom, you have time, you have goals.

Inspirational Quotes for Students
Inspirational Quotes for Students



5.    Learning is practice. Take it as a game. 


Inspirational Quotes and thoughts  for Students
Inspirational Quotes for Students



6.    You need friends to play games. You also need friends to study well.

7.    Learn to keep your promise.

8.    Marks is not the ultimate aim of the study. Need to be a good human being.

9.    Don’t forget those friends who have helped you.

10.    Learn creativity from backbenchers, acquire knowledge from teachers and put it in your life to be the challenger.

Inspirational Quotes for Students
Inspirational Quotes for Students


You have read it, now you decide what should you do?
Let me know, your comments below about our
inspirational quotes for students.


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